Does the renter pay for Yard & Pool care?

Is the tenant or property owner responsible for paying the gardener and pool cleaner?

Many rental properties, especially single family homes, have a nice yard or maybe even a swimming pool. There is no law that says either the owner or renter should be in charge of cutting the grass or cleaning the pool. The most important thing is that it’s well defined in the lease agreement and explained prior to a tenant signing the lease.

Although you do have the option of putting the tenant in charge of cutting the grass, I never recommend it because it’s destined to cause problems. The best way to arrange landscaping is for the property owner to hire and pay for a landscaping company to service the property.

By paying for the service, the property owner guarantees that it will get done and avoids expensive landscaping repairs if a tenant doesn’t do it right, or uses a poor service provider.

Another huge advantage is that the landscaping company will notify you if the tenant isn’t doing something right, like not giving the lawn enough water, or allowing the dog to tear up the flower beds. Getting ahead of problems early can save you damage to your landscaping in the long run.

If the tenant is paying the landscaper, you just don’t get the same advantages. 

The same goes for pool care. The property owner should be paying for the pool cleaning and any maintenance to make sure it doesn’t run into any major problems.

Each market is different, but here in Orange County most tenants are accustomed to having the property owner pay for these services. When a tenant rents a house, the price includes the costs of the landscaper and pool cleaner. Just think of it as being built into the rent price.