Every Landlord Needs These 8 Tools (+1 Bonus) to Boost Rental Income

key to cypress rental property attached to a label that says "Rental Income"

Owning a rental property in Cypress means committing to running a business. While investing in property as a landlord isn’t your typical idea of what a business looks like, you still have the responsibility of making a profit each month. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t do this on your own. If you do, it…

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Landlord’s Guide to Cleaning Anaheim Rental Properties

Anaheim property managers cleaning rental home

When a tenant moves out of your rental property in Anaheim, your first instinct probably is to list the vacancy right away and get a new tenant in there as quickly as possible. Hold your horses there, landlord! Before you get a new tenant in the property, there are some things you need to do…

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Black Mold: How To Spot it and DIY Removal Methods

Removing black mold from your home can sound like a daunting task. Just the term “black mold” sounds scary enough. If you’re willing to buy the proper safety equipment and can stomach scrubbing and removing mold damage for up to a few weeks, you can save hundreds and possible thousands of dollars. Deciding when to…

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RPM Coast Maintenance Before/After Pictures

Whether you are considering a fence replacement or a mini-remodel (kitchen and bathroom) in 2015, Real Property Management Maintenance is here to help you through every step of the remodel. Here are some before and after pictures of some recent work performed by the RPM Coast technicians. No job is too big or too small…

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