Who’s Managing Your Property?

Spotlight: Who’s Managing Your Property?

You chose to hire a professional property manager for a reason – possibly for convenience, fewer hassles, a better return on your rental home investment, or preservation of your property’s value. But do you know who’s managing your property? Did you know your property manager is professionally trained, has access to knowledge and experiences from over 250 offices nationwide, and is backed by a company that has been in the industry for over 25 years?

Being part of a national company means having high standards and expectations for the knowledge and service we provide to our clients. Tom Bunn, Learning Development Manager at Real Property Management, is charged with developing training necessary for Real Property Management to deliver a positive experience for both our rental home owners and tenants.

While in college Tom Bunn considered becoming a professor and was intrigued by professors who had experience in adult education. His interest motivated him to gain a Master of Science in Instructional Design and he soon put his education to work at a large rocket building company and now at Real Property Management. Tom’s approach to developing training for Real Property Management is the same as it was while working in the rocket industry – talk to the experts and translate their experiences and knowledge into meaningful tools and courses. Tom identifies what the experts want people to do, then breaks it down into tasks and sub-tasks needed to accomplish the objectives.

The result of Tom’s efforts is over 350 job aids, checklists, forms and documents in the Real Property Management library, and 400 interactive computer-based training courses in RPM-U (Real Property Management University). This giant toolbox provides training on every aspect of property management, staff duties, and systems and processes, and assists local offices achieve the Professional Residential Manager (PRM) designation and The Home Depot accreditation.Tom

Whether it is from ongoing online training and useful checklists or our extensive new office training and annual conferences, know that your Real Property Management staff is prepared to deal with any situation and represent you professionally. We have the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of property management, and there is little that we have not seen in residential property management. Through a combination of our experience, ongoing training and industry awareness, we continue to find ways to improve so that we can maximize your return and protect your investment.RPMU