What keys does my tenant and property manager need?

Hi rental property owners, in this article I will tell you what keys your tenant and property manager need.

My name is Kyle here at TrueDoor Property Management. Imagine you have a rental property and the tenant is moving in. What keys does your property manager need from you? Here’s what we want: 4 copies of any entry key, and 2 copies of anything else. When I say anything else, I mean we want 2 copies of your mailbox key, gate key, pool key, etc. 

We will keep 2 copies of any entry keys and provide 2 copies to the tenant. We will keep 1 copy of the mailbox key (if you have a locking mailbox) and give the other to the tenant. We typically give the tenant 2 community pool and gate keys and often don’t keep community keys ourselves. This is because those types of keys are limited and we try to give them to the tenants to make their stay more enjoyable.

But what if the tenant loses that really expensive pool key? The HOA charges a lot for those! Don’t worry, we sign out to the tenant the exact keys they receive upon move-in. The tenant is responsible for the cost of any lost keys. 

You might be asking why we keep 2 copies of the entry key?, it’s because sometimes a tenant will lose a key. We will lend them one of our keys so they can make themselves a copy, but we still want to hang on to a copy just in case.

We also want to provide a tenant with two garage remotes. If you only have one, you can easily purchase and program a universal garage remote.

If you’re not able to make the copies, we are happy to do that for you, but please be aware that we do charge a fee for the time to go out and get copies. The same goes if you need to purchase and program a garage remote.

If you have any questions about property management, please contact us and we’re happy to help. I’m Kyle with TrueDoor Property Management providing five star results, backed by our guarantees, getting you more money with less drama.