What happens at your property manager’s Initial property visit?

Initial property visit

What happens at your property manager’s Initial property visit? The initial property visit is your property management team’s opportunity to get to know your property and discuss the next steps. We’ll meet with you to learn about your property, take advertising pictures, give you an assessment of any rent-ready maintenance you might need, and gather information to market your property (if you’re not available to meet, we’ll arrange the visit without you). We want to be efficient with our time so there are couple of things we want you to do so that we both use our time wisely. Please note, the following:

Your property is not ready

Your property is not ready for this visit if it is full of furniture and personal items. If you need help removing junk or debris from the property, we can help schedule such work.

Photos and create a 3D Virtual Tour

During our initial visit we will want to take Photos and create a 3D Virtual Tour: Prepare your property for marketing, make sure that the property is clean and clutter-free.


Please provide: 4 copies of entry keys and 2 copies of any other necessary keys (mail, pool, gate, etc. 2 garage remotes and/or 2 gate openers (if applicable)

HOA (if applicable)

If your property is in a condo association or home owners’ association, we will need you to Please provide the Rules & Regulations document. It is best that we get this upfront to avoid any HOA issues and hold the tenant responsible for any HOA Violations.

Repairs or Rent-ready maintenance

If your property is in need of repairs or Rent-ready maintenance, such as paint, flooring, or general repairs. We can get you an estimate for any repair or service your property might need, including paint, carpet, cleaning, or even a remodel. Just ask us. You are never required to use our maintenance services. Our technicians and sub-contractors provide quality work at a good price and typically complete work much faster than if you were to schedule these services on your own. Our goal is to get you quality work fast, because time is money. Typically, we can save our customers 2-4 weeks with our rent ready services. I hope this helps you understand what we do at your initial property visit.