Moving Out? Have your home cleaned & Get Paid for outdated items

 It has come to my attention that a lot of property owners who are entering the Golden Years of their life, are now heading either to Florida or just downgrading to an easier way of living. Whatever the move might be, I have seen a lot of homes with a lot of, lets just say, outdated items. Whether this is furniture, decorations, outdated wallpaper, and just maybe a garage full of “what used to be for the kids”! 

But did you know that there are services out there that will come to your property and clean it up with the “white glove” treatment and then cut you a check in return? 

That’s right, after all your friends and family have come through and only left behind what they do not want, we can set you up with a team that will come in and clean up the rest while you get paid. Not only does this take a lot of stress of having to hire a clean up crew and deal with the headache of all the dust and collateral that comes with that. But at the end of the day when it seems like you will be writing a check for $1,500, you could be receiving a check for $1,500. 

So Before you get overwhelmed with the thought of getting your property rent ready, please give TrueDoor Property Management a call.