It’s just a rental…

Orange County Property Management can be different than other regions. Renters have higher expectations, incomes are higher, and in general the level of education is fairly high.

We receive properties in varying conditions, some are spotless and pristine while others are… well undesirable in every way. When preparing your property for rent, if you want market rent then it needs show like the rest of the market. We give property owners suggestions on how to prepare their properties for lease. However, every now and then we get some push back from clients on our suggestions.

Comments like:
“the dishwasher doesn’t work but i figure it’s just a rental, right?”
“yes it smells but… it’s only a rental”
“I know that carpet isn’t Perfect (20 year old carpet) but it is just a rental”
“the pony mural is perfect if somebody has a little girl, and you know… it is just a rental”

As if renters enjoy smelly and not so beautiful living conditions. The renters in Orange County are for the most part sophisticated and unwilling to rent places that have cleanliness issues, lacking certain appliances; they want places they would be proud to own. Renters are the property owner’s customers and the saying “the customer is always right” has some validity. When it comes to keeping and maintaining long term tenants treating them like customers will go a long way

So before you say “it’s just a rental” ask yourself would I rent this place as is? or would I keep looking? Is there another property for the same price that looks cleaner or shows better? Just know, there will always be a better deal than what you are offering, so never give potential renters an excuse to keep looking.