Is the Management Fee cheaper if I have more properties?

Hi rental property owners. Can property management fees get cheaper if you have more properties? Today I will talk about how this works.

Unfortunately we do not have discounts on the monthly management fee if you own multiple rental properties, and here’s why.

Let’s say you are a property owner that has 3 rental properties in Orange County. Those three properties are not likely to all be neighbors. We are a boots on the ground company with a full staff that makes a physical presence at your property. You can imagine all the time it takes to manage a single property: getting it in rent-ready condition, checking up on maintenance progress, putting it on the market to rent, all of the showings, the inspections, etc.

The amount of work we do does not get reduced when our client has more than one property.

We do have special pricing to manage rental properties that are right next to each other, but as you know we would call that a multi-family property. A duplex, four-plex, or even a 30 unit apartment building have all their doors in the same location. Check out our website for pricing on homes & condos versus apartments.

If you are a property owner that has more than one rental property, we can give you the first two month’s of management fees for free. Give us a call to see what we can work out for you.