The Importance of Quarterly Inspections

Real Property Management offers an array of services to our clients but our most popular one is quickly becoming our detailed quarterly inspections. Our inspections benefit both the homeowner and the tenant. During these inspections we look for deferred maintenance items (leaks, mold etc.) as well as the overall condition of the home. We want to make sure that the home is being kept in excellent overall condition. We take interior and exterior pictures of the home so that the homeowner can see the condition of the property and the maintenance items. The inspections are posted to both the owner and tenant portals for both parties to view. Catching maintenance items early can save both the homeowners and tenants money and headache in the long run. Some owners have opted out of this feature but we highly recommend that these inspections happen on a routine basis. Here are some great articles that show what can happen if a property is not inspected during a long period of time.

Quarterly Inspections are priced at $55 and include a detailed report with pictures of both maintenance items and overall condition of the home. For further questions about our inspections or any other service we offer please call our office directly at 714-899-2200.