Huntington Beach REMax Chili Cookoff!!!

Every year Stuart, the Broker from the local Huntington Beach ReMax, puts on a chili cook-off. They had a live country band, and plenty of chili, chocolate chip cookies, hotdogs, and drinks. RE Agents, title reps, loan officers, movers, and other vendors all came together to taste and judge about 20 different chili recipes.There were 3 categories: Best tasting, Most Original, and Spiciest Chili.

Our office, Real Property Management Coast in Huntington Beach, decided to submit our own concoction. With the intent to win, we wanted to make the spiciest Chili… so we did. Secret ingredient habanero peppers. We chopped up 12 habanero peppers and added to our chili to give it some kick. And boy did it kick…we stood back and watched while people tried our chili and it was hilarious. Peoples faces turning red, sweaty foreheads, and the occasional swear word would slip their lips. After trying all the various chilies myself it was clear we would be crowned Spiciest Chili… and we were. Thanks Stuart for the great event!