How it Works

We make you more money with less drama, and it's backed by our guarantees.

1. Get Started

  • Get your questions answered
  • Sign up on our property management agreement
  • Assigned to one of our TrueDoor Property Managers
  • Property Manager inspects your rental
  • We arrange any needed repairs

2. Get it Rented!

  • Professional photos, video, & 360 Tour
  • TrueDoor's internet advertising campaign
  • Showings: Virtual & In-person
  • Rigorous application & screening
  • Sign a lease & move-in a great tenant

3. Get Paid... While We Manage

  • Collect rents, pay bills, & send you the $$$
  • Monthly accounting & reporting
  • Arrange repairs 24/7
  • Lease renewals
  • Bi-annual inspections
  • Handle violations, legal compliance, & evictions
  • Annual property review meeting

4. Move Out & Get it Rented Again!

  • On the rental market ASAP
  • Move out inspection
  • Coordinate rent-ready repairs
  • Arrange the security deposit disposition
  • Get another tenant fast!

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Learning Center

Educate Yourself on Property Management

We love smart clients!

We understand that you have questions, and we have the answers. In this Learning Center section, we’re going to cover how to go about selecting an efficient property manager, what to do if a tenant is defaulting on rent, how to keep maintenance costs down and quickly fill vacancies as well as set the ideal rent rate and find the right tenants – and much, much more.

Remember – TrueDoor Property Management is here for you, and is fully committed to saving you money and teaching you how to avoid the pitfalls associated with owning and managing properties.