Navigating CA’s 2014 Drought Measures & Water Fines

On Tuesday July 15, 2014, California regulators approved fines of up to $500 per day for water wasters during drought. Water use statewide increased by 1% this year with much of the increase coming from Southern California.

Here, at Real Property Management, we are urging our owners and tenants to do their part and cut back on their excess water usage. Each city has enforced strict watering schedules for lawn/garden watering and car washing. They have asked residences to cease hosing down sidewalks and other areas unless it is emergency related. We understand that with the strict watering schedules that some lawns and vegetation may turn brown or die but with fines being up to $500 per day, it’s a small sacrifice that we have to make until the drought problem resolves.

Below find a few articles about the current drought situation and what you can do to cut back:

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