Crafting the Perfect Pet Policy for OC Rentals

Real Property Management Coast in Orange County California invites you to read RPM’s latest article on accepting pets for your rental. Take a look at what Chanda Gunter with Real Property Management has to say.

Allowing a pet in your rental home can be a good thing…if you’re prepared. By accepting animals, you can increase the number of tenant prospects and charge higher rent, but there are risks associated with pets to consider.

A few months ago, Rylan Rozell with Real Property Management Bakersfield, CA had a dog attack incident at one of the rental properties he manages. The tenant’s dog, a Great Dane, attacked and bit a gardener in the arm that resulted in fifteen stitches in his bicep. The incident took place on the property and fortunately for the gardener, he was able to fend the dog off and safely get out of the yard.

Rylan notified the tenant and property owner about the incident, contacted his attorney, and reviewed the lease on file. Thankfully, they had an executed pet addendum that specifically outlined the ramifications if a pet were to attack or bite someone. Rylan also discovered the tenant had renters insurance, which is always recommended. Because of the pet addendum, the tenant was notified that their options were to either remove the dog from the property or move out of the home. They of course didn’t want to do either option. Rylan and his team personally met with them, but the tenants were adamant about staying and keeping the dog. Because of the unwillingness to comply, an eviction seemed imminent, but Rylan’s team was able to step in and negotiate further with the tenant. Eventually they came to an agreement and were able get the tenant to move without having to pursue an eviction and even had another tenant lined up to move in a week later.

Always having the best interest in mind for our property owners is a priority for Real Property Management. In the case of Real Property Management Bakersfield, implementing an executed pet addendum and recommending renters insurance for their tenants, is just one other reason Real Property Management is trusted by so many investors and property owners.